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Who are we ?

About Globe Advokater

We are a law firm that offers specialised legal advice to both private individuals and companies in all areas of immigration law. We are the only law firm in Denmark where the lawyers have been employed as legal staff in the Ministry of Immigration and Integration and the only law firm deals with immigration law cases. It's our DNA and that makes us one of the professionally strongest law firms within our field.
Our office is at Bredgade 58A, 1, 1260 Copenhagen K. which is centrally located in Copenhagen.

Why should Globe Advokater assist you?


We are honest and sincere. We always manage expectations with you regarding the possible outcomes of the case. We will provide an overview of the case's challenges and opportunities; thus, you thereby attain realistic expectations for the case.

Specialised knowledge obtained from the immigration authorities

Our lawyers have solid and in-depth practical experience in dealing with immigration law issues. Our lawyers have been employed by the Danish Immigration Service, the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, the Immigration Board, the Refugee Board, and the Department of the Ministry of Immigration and Integration. We therefore have in-depth knowledge of what the immigration authorities show importance to when they make partial decisions. We know immigration law both in detail and in depth and thus this is a unique feature that enables Globe Advokater to provide the immigration authorities with a competent response and thereby strengthen your case.

Highest professional level of service

Our years of theoretical and practical experience in handling immigration cases mean that our approach to your case goes a little deeper. In this way, we can ensure that your case is resolved at the highest professional level.


Dogus M. Özcan

Passionate, professional, and skilled lawyer with over 10 years of experience in immigration law, human rights, and representative tasks for Denmark in New York and Istanbul.
I have assisted and advised countless families and companies in their cases with the immigration authorities. I value my integrity and strive to do justice to those I represent. My passion for helping people and challenging injustice, drives me to work thoroughly and purposefully to achieve positive results for my clients.

International experience

I have had employment at the Danish Consulate in New York, USA, and the Danish Consulate in Istanbul, Türkiye, where I have acquired representative qualities in a busy international environment. I have represented Denmark and provided administrative and practical assistance to Danish citizens in the USA and in Türkiye. I have also visited prisons in cases involving imprisoned Danish citizens. I have provided consular assistance ensuring compliance with basic human rights. My duties also included meetings with the EU delegation and the Schengen cooperation countries, as well as reporting in political and consular matters. I have also handled and made decisions in specific cases regarding visa applications and assisted in cases regarding Danish passports. My work in New York and in Istanbul have given me global skills, where also I have gained empathy and a greater understanding of other cultures.

Practical experience in handling immigration law cases

I have over 11 years of practical experience in handling immigration law cases.
I have been employed at the Danish Immigration Service and in the secretariat of the Refugee Board. During my employment, I gained considerable knowledge of the migration and asylum area in a strong legal professional environment. An area that is regularly the subject of great political interest.

My experience in the state administration has given me a deeper understanding of the legal processes involved when the authorities make decisions.

With my experience from both sides of the table, I am able to provide my clients with nuanced and thorough advice and representation.

I have a strong passion for my work and possess broad experience in immigration law. All circumstances that can strengthen your case will be included and presented to the authorities.

My clients can be sure that they are in good safe hands with me as their lawyer. Academically as well as humanly


Carolina Dinsen

Carolina is employed as a student Assistant where she assists in:
examine cases
analyse judgments made by the European Court of Human Rights
prepare drafts of cover letters and letters of complaint
review applications to be submitted to the immigration authorities.
prepare letters to the Immigration Board, the Refugee Board and UIM
participate in meetings with clients, etc.


Cem S. Ozcan

I have a degree in law from the University of Copenhagen, and have a strong background in state administration.
I have over 11 years of theoretical and practical experience in handling immigration law cases. I have been employed as a legal representative in the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), the Secretariat of the Immigration Service, and in the Department of the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

Head of section at SIRI

During my employment as a legal representative in SIRI, I have, among other things, made decisions in specific application cases, including applications for residence and work permits for foreigners who want to work in Denmark.

I have also provided legal advice and guidance to foreign citizens and stakeholders in the International Citizen Service.

Head of section at The Immigrations Appeals Board Secretary

The Immigration Board, which is an independent court-like administrative body, deals with e.g. complaints about decisions made by SIRI and the Danish Immigration Service in the 1st instance regarding, among other things, residence permit on the basis of study or employment, family reunification, indefinite residence permit, administrative deportation and refusal, and visa.

In this way, I have also acquired a thorough knowledge of the types of cases that fall under the Danish Immigration Service, including the rules on family reunification and permanent residence permits.

As a legal representative in the Immigration Board's secretariat, I have prepared drafts of decisions in complicated appeals, handled tasks of a more general nature, including assisting the Immigration Board's judges, and prepared contributions to annual reports regarding the Immigration Board's practice.

Head of section in the Immigration Office in the Department of the Ministry of Immigration and Integration

In my position in the Immigration Office, I have processed applications for Danish citizenship.

It is, among other things, a condition for obtaining Danish citizenship is that an applicant must not have committed certain types of crime. I have been the responsible legal representative regarding to assess an applicant's criminal record, just as I have been the person responsible for making a decision on whether to submit a police report to the Police, in the event that an applicant has provided incorrect information prior to submitting the application. In this connection, I have had correspondence with the Attorney General, the Police and the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Finally, I have handled tasks of a more general nature, including serving ministers, answering parliamentary questions, serving the Folketing's Immigration Committee, as well as preparing internal memos. On the basis of my acquired professional competences in immigration law, I am able to carry out high-quality work. My experience in the state administration has given me invaluable knowledge. I take this knowledge with me in my work as a paralegal at Globe Advokater. For the benefit of you clients.


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